From Your Seminarian

Posted on: 23-May-2016

Greetings from Saint Louis, Missouri! This will be the last
time I open with that phrase. The next time you hear from me,
I will be Vicar of Trinity Lutheran Church in Albany! Exciting
times, these!
This will be necessarily brief: as I write, I am preparing to
leave for Albany in hopes of finding a place to live, even on a
temporary basis-at this point, anything will do. Since mine is
a convertible vicarage (meaning that, God willing, I will
remain at Trinity after ordination to become their pastor) they
have no housing for me. Therefore, I'm hoping to find a house
that will serve not only my vicarage but beyond-I don't want to
move again!
For the record, I begin at Trinity June 20. My installation
as vicar will be Friday, June 24, with my first sermon the following
Sunday, June 26. I am so excited to be heading to
Albany-I can hardly wait to meet the congregation and begin
my service there! Bethlehem, I could not have made this long
journey without you. I am grateful for all of your support:
financial, spiritual, emotional. You mean so much to me; I fear
I owe a debt that I can never repay. I pray God's blessings upon
each of you, now and ever.
Doug and Remus (woof!)

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