Vicar David

Posted on: 23-May-2016

It's that time of year again, summer, where school lets out
and families take well-deserved vacations. But even though
things often seem to slow down during these warm summer
months, I'm praying that the church doesn't slow down. We
still have our mission from Christ, which were minded of and
celebrated this spring, on Easter, Ascension Day, and
Pentecost. The summer is a perfect time to spread the Gospel
of the Lord. I would like to encourage you to these longer summer
nights socializing with neighbors, volunteering, or otherwise
getting out into your community. Get to know your neighbors
and those around you at backyard BBQ's, say "hi" to people
as you take your evening walk, or just do something nice
for someone else. When we engage our friends and neighbors
and care about them, wanting to learn about them and their
lives, we can engage them where they are, helping them in
their needs, and rejoicing with them in their times of elation.
When we are willing to do this, I believe God will provide a
time for us to share our faith and plant that seed with someone.
God is ready to do great things in our church and our community.
He has already done great things in us, and he will continue
to do great things with our faith.
Vicar Small

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